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to book an appointment call or text: 925-705-3554

My Intention
  • To provide a space that encourages relaxation
  • To provide consistent quality in the massage experience
  • To be present, compassionate, and open
  • To meet the clients intention for their massage session to the best of my ability
  • To continue to grow and learn

Though I began working professionally as a massage therapist in 1997, the recognition that touch transforms came much earlier in my life.  Touch is amazingly powerful and I am inspired by it everyday. I see it everywhere ~ in all its many forms . . . a compassionate touch to a struggling friend; a hug between a mother and child; a neck rub to a dying parent; a high-five of congratulations.  These magnificent moments are endless and stretch far beyond the human experience.

I Love The Work I Do.  I love connecting with people.  I love that massage, given with presence, compassion, and intention, has great potential to bring emotional, mental, and/or physical relief.

I bring to "the table" a lifetime of touch therapy experience, as well as, professional training (from here and abroad) in Swedish, Ashiatsu, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Reiki, and Thai modalities.
My focus has been to create a formula of massage well rounded enough to provide comfort and relaxation, relieve stress and pain, and lift the spirit of those I serve.  No two bodies are alike and neither are their needs.

As a hospice volunteer, I have had the great honor and pleasure of providing massage services to those diagnosed with a terminal illness.  This continues to be an invaluable experience on all levels of my existence.

You have found me here because I continue to Say Yes! to my dream of doing work I love.
You are the healer you have always been looking for.  I am here to support your journey.
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