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Harmonizing People with Their Bodies and Their Work Space
Does your work space fit you like a bad pair of shoes??

Here are a few ways to tell:
    • Headaches
    • Fatigue
    • Neck and/or back pain
    • Tired or sore eyes
    • Numbness in the hands, legs or specific muscle groups
    • Joint tension
    • Device frustration
    • Low motivation and productivity

The science of ergonomics has been around for centuries and reaches far beyond the walls of our office, it is a part of everything we do and within every industry of work.  Good ergonomics is not only about having the proper fitting tools for the tasks at hand, but making sure we are taking breaks, changing positions, mixing it up, and listening to our bodies signals.  Though electronic devices do a lot of amazing things, they have a tendency to draw us away from body awareness and are not always set up to support our best physical self.

The practice of good ergonomic awareness can make all the difference in the world and can often save a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on our bodies and mental outlook.

Benefits of Good Ergonomics
  • Less fatigue and physical discomfort (neck/shoulders, forearm, back, legs)
  • Reduces the frequency and severity of work related injuries
  • Increased productivity and moral - because nothing feels better than a well fit work space.

What does Just Say Yes Ergonomics bring to the table of your ergonomic success?
  • Evaluates your work space**, the tasks you perform, the equipment you use, the way in which you use your equipment/body, then brings it all together in a way that best supports YOUR ergonomic needs. 
  • Provides ergonomic/body awareness education and a supportive movement/exercise program. 
  • Makes equipment recommendations (i.e. chairs, keyboards, mice, etc).
  • Helps make necessary adjustments to equipment
  • Provide summary report that highlights evaluation findings, recommendations to modify poor ergonomic habits, any equipment recommendations, and movement/exercises 

To learn more, or book a home or office work space assessment,
please call 925-705-3554
  Let me help make your work space work for you.

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