The Art of Ergonomics


Why create and mastermind like this?


When you could create and mastermind like this.

Ergonomics is the art of harmonizing your work space TO YOU.  Creativity, productivity and well BEing flow naturally when your work space is designed for your unique body and work needs.  Physical discomfort and fatigue translates to mental  stress, an inability to focus, as well as, a lack of inspiration and motivation.  A good fit and the right equipment makes all the difference in the world.

The science of ergonomics  has been around for centuries and reaches far beyond the walls of our  office, it is a part of everything we do and within every industry of  work.  Good ergonomics is not only about having the proper fitting tools  for the tasks at hand, but making sure we are taking breaks, changing  positions, mixing it up, and listening to our bodies signals.  Though  electronic devices do a lot of amazing things, they have a tendency to  draw us away from body awareness and are not always set up to support our best physical self.

If you are experiencing:


neck and/or back pain


numbness in hands

joint tension

device frustration

lack of motivation, inspiration or productivity

It's time to recreate your work space