Just Say Yes . . .

 "Just Say Yes!" started between a friend and I. 

I was debating a move; transition; a change . . . feeling a bit  vulnerable around the whole thing.  When my friend, oh wise one she was,  said bluntly ~ "Kelly, Say Yes! . . . just Say Yes! and be done." 

Well, I did.  I said YES! and I'm glad that I did.  The possibilities continue to unfold; the experience still expanding. As the effects of that YES! rippled through my world, I began reflecting on other moments in my life when I said YES! ;  when I pushed past my fears and comfort zones.  Oh. . . the people I've  met; the places I've gone; and, the things I've done all because of  saying YES!

So, on a personal note, "just Say Yes!" is my "mantra".  Seeing and speaking "just Say Yes!"  everyday reminds me to push past my fears and comfort zones; to bring  awareness to my unconscious, knee-jerk No's and live a life I love and  watch possibility unfold.

May saying YES! move you beyond your fears and comfort zone; past unconscious, knee-jerk No's and into the realm of endless possibility.

Say Yes!